141 Down to Single Lanes Both Directions South of I-95

141 north and south is down to a single lane between Commons Blvd. and Jay Rd.

Motorists will feel the pinch of major road construction on a portion of 141/Basin Road, which is now down to a single lane in both directions and will remain so for the rest of the year. The area of concern is just south of I-95.

The lane closure sits between Commons Boulevard – near the Wawa – and Jay Road, which boasts the Dairy Palace as its landmark.


DelDOT says they are now getting into another phase of the 141 work, a $90 million project which involves building two completely new bridges over southbound I-95 and widening the roadway to provide additional through lanes and a triple left turn from Commons Boulevard.

As 141 is widened, utilities including gas, electric, fiber, and drainage will have to move further away from the road — big reasons for the long constriction timetable. 

“The demolition is actually completed on the first half of those bridges. And the contractor is getting ready to start to building the new supports for the first new halves of the bridge. So that’s progressing very well, actually,” said C.R. McLeod, director of community relations for the Delaware Department of Transportation.


The one caveat is that DelDOT says the Southbound traffic will reopen to two lanes temporarily perhaps as early as next week until sometime in April. But Northbound traffic will remain in a single lane pattern through 2020.

DelDOT says the southbound I-95 bridgework will be completed by spring of 2021. However, they caution that there will still be ongoing work throughout the entire 141 project through the winter of 2022.

McLeod says they expect traffic delays during peak travel times. But they say motorists could utilize Route 13 or take Commons Boulevard to Churchman’s Road to bypass the lane closures. “The difficult part of 141 and just the ongoing construction that we’ve had there over the past several years is that there’s no easy alternate routes north or south of there for several miles. It’s just a critical corridor.”

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