New Traffic Light Installed on Lancaster Pike Following Traffic Audit

DelDOT has installed a new stoplight on Lancaster Pike at Old Wilmington Road

One of northern Delaware’s busiest arteries leading into Wilmington is has a new traffic signal, along a stretch of the road where neighbors have complained of speeding and heavy truck usage.

The new light is now in place at Lancaster Pike (Rte. 48/41) and Old Wilmington Road on the Wilmington-Hockessin border.  

The light’s installation follows completion of a road safety audit that concluded speed limits should be reduced on three key stretches of roadway in the Wilmington, Pike Creek and Hockessin areas. The study was prompted community uproar over truck traffic on Lancaster Pike and Newport Gap Pike three years ago, with residents complaining of noise, pollution and dangerous driving conditions.

DelDOT says they have been monitoring the light since its installation and recognize that the light is causing delays on Lancaster Pike. On some occasions, drivers on Lancaster Pike get a red light when no cars are at the Old Wilmington intersection. DelDOT plans to make adjustments in the near future.


The DelDOT commissioned audit found that speed limits should be reduced on:

  • Rte. 48 (Lancaster Pike) between SR 41 and Centerville Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 50-MPH to 45-MPH.
  • Rte. 7 (Limestone Road) between the PA/DE state line and Brackenville Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 50-MPH to 45-MPH.
  • Rte. 41 between SR 48 and Faulkland Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 45-MPH to 40-MPH.

This light was installed at Brackenville and Mill Creek Roads in July

And a second stoplight recently installed in Hockessin is also generating buzz on Facebook, with some questioning its sequencing. DelDOT replaced a flashing yellow light with a stoplight this past summer at Brackenville and Mill Creek Roads. 

One resident who lives nearby the intersection reported on the “Hockessin Gossip Girls” Facebook page that two accidents have occurred at that intersection, and she says the timing of the lights has caused confusion for some drivers who make turns at the intersection.

Cheryl Vansant shared this image on the Hockessin Gossip Girls Facebook page and wrote this accident occurred at a relatively new stoplight at Brackenville and Mill Creek Roads

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  • That light is going to make a mess of traffic. I wonder why DelDOT couldn’t ban left turns from Old Wilmington onto Lancaster Pike and force drivers to go to Loveville Rd.? Also, it would be nice to see the 35 mph speed limit in Hockessin (and Greenville) enforced.