Bear Sightings Have North Wilmington on Edge

This bear was picked up on home surveillance cameras in Delaware County at 12:30 a.m. Monday.

Three separate bear sightings in North Wilmington have now been conveyed to Delaware State Police. The eyewitness accounts follow multiple reports and video of at least one black bear prowling through neighborhoods across the state line in Pennsylvania.

The bear sightings took place in the early morning hours today, between 3:00 am and 7:00 am. Three calls to police said a bear had been seen in the following areas:

  • Near I-95 in the area of the I-495 split
  • Manor Avenue at Philadelphia Pike
  • I-95 in the area of Concord Pike

Police cautioned that the sightings have not involved direct encounters with any animal nor injuries to the bear or humans.


Home video surveillance from the weekend and Monday has captured as many as two different bears roaming communities in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Wildlife officials have yet to corral the animals and it is possible they could have slipped across the state’s southern border.

Bears are not known to make Delaware their home, although there have been reports of bear sightings in New Castle County as recently as 2016.  The state, of course, does have a town called Bear, which is technically a “census-designated place,” and home to nearly 20,000 people.  The town is said to be named for a tavern that featured a large bear on its sign inviting thirsty patrons.  It is not known if the bears were heading in that direction

Police say they are working in conjunction with the Delaware Fish and Wildlife Natural Resources Police regarding the sightings and they advise citizens to steer clear of a bear or any wild animal, “alert and shelter others near you” and immediately call 911 if they encounter a creature.

Bear safety tips follow:

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