UD Freshman Class Tops 4000, Most Diverse in University’s History

The new freshman class at UD includes the largest number of in-state students ever. Evan Krape / University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s new first-year class totals 4,144 students, making this the third consecutive year the University topped 4,000 freshmen on the Newark campus.  The new class includes a record-breaking 1,407 Delaware resident students, up from 1,377 last fall. 

New UD students come from 32 states and 36 countries and the school touted the Class of 2023’s diversity, which includes the most African American students, 5.4%, in the school’s history. 

UD admissions officials say the freshman class also includes the most honors students – 635 – ever. 


The University said 473 new Associate in Arts Program (AAP) students are studying at campuses in Georgetown, Dover and Wilmington, Delaware, a group that also includes high percentages of underrepresented minority groups.

The class size was bolstered by 558 new transfer students from Delaware and around the U.S., the largest transfer class in UD’s history.

UD’s student body expansion has come with some growing pains, including earlier this fall when more than one hundred undergraduates were forced to temporarily live in hotels when their off-campus apartment complex did not open in time for school. 

For more details related to UD’s undergraduate enrollment, including retention and graduation rates, view the Fall 2019 Enrollment Comparison.

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