Margie Mays’ New Single Release Evokes ‘Magic’ of American Idol Experience

Margie Mays’ second single release is out on all streaming platforms

Margie Mays, the Delawarean who captivated audiences with her star turn on American Idol earlier this year, continues to follow her dream of achieving success in the pop music industry. Today she released her second (ever) original song, ‘Magic in Me,’ which reflects back on her rollicking, deeply emotional experience on the ABC talent show.

The three and a half-minute ballad gives us Mays’ tender take on the nerves, uncertainty and self-doubt as she takes the stage to impress the judges, wondering if she’ll have enough to advance to the next round or if she’ll ‘melt’ in the glare of the public spotlight.

“I’ve only got so much up my sleeve…”

Believing she has given everything she’s got, she asks, “How much Magic do you need to see? Magic in me.”


Mays, a Tower Hill School and Stanford University grad who now lives in Los Angeles, says a swirl of thoughts and emotions have danced around in her head for months since her appearance on Idol, but she needed some distance from the show to put everything together in one song.

Her boyfriend Jonny, along with another friend named Hero, collaborated with Mays on the lyrics and the music. “Jonny has the gift of songwriting, and he knows my heart more than anyone,” said Mays.

Magic in Me, is available on all streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. Click here to open Spotify. Click here for ‘Magic in Me’ on Apple Music. 

You can also listen to the song on the distributor’s ‘one sheet.’ Mays can be seen demurely revealing herself in short video snippets on social media wearing a pink ballet leotard and satin pointe shoes but can’t say whether she might be working on a music video. 

“I’ve done a lot of dreaming, and a lot of growing, and a lot of doing since you met that girl with the box over her head.”

The song’s sweet piano chords are well suited to Mays’ undeniable voice, which feels lighter, freer than the lyrics might suggest. In fact, she starts the song as her stint on American Idol comes to an end.

When the curtain closes will your door be open?
When all of this over
I’ll still be gettin older, you’re getting older too
Everybody’s watching everybody’s talkin
I’m meltin in the spotlight
While wondering what it feels like to feel like you

Mays will also be releasing more music. “But one song at a time for now, as it’s a lot of work as I’m still my own team — my own creative director, PR person, social media person, coordinator, etc., etc., etc. So one thing at a time,” she says.


Mays, who made it through several rounds before judges eliminated her in Hawaii, hasn’t shut the door on a second attempt at the next season of American Idol. In fact 78% of American Idol fans want Mays to audition next season.

For now she’s still doing other auditions and continuing to release content to her audience of followers. “The goal is to keep being consistent and building and wait for another lucky strike again — like I hit with the last season of American Idol.”

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