Wilmington’s Lori Disabatino Rolls on Wheel of Fortune

Pike Creek’s Lori DiSabatino says she checked one more thing off her bucket list by appearing on Wheel of Fortune last night

Loyal local viewers of the longstanding ABC game show hit Wheel of Fortune surely did a double-take at the beginning of last night’s show when a Delawarean was introduced as one of the three contestants.

Lori Disabatino of Wilmington started hot out of the gates, quickly picking up $1000 in the opening round by nailing “Dinner Party.”

Legendary show host Pat Sajak chatted up Disabatino, and the youthful executive assistant gave cheerful shout outs to her “wonderful husband” Angelo, the four children they have together – Carla, Angelo, Brett and Ashley and her granddaughter, Jordan.


The culinary theme of “Let’s Eat” continued with DiSabatino’s next win, as she nailed “Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Gravy” for another $1300.

That was quickly followed by Disabatino scoring her biggest win of the evening – she was clearly on a roll – as Vanna White nodded that she correctly guessed “Grizzly Bears” for $1350. 

In addition to her cash winnings, DiSabatino came away with a $7,000 Alaskan cruise

But that win turned out to be a much more lucrative “Prize Puzzle,” and DiSsbatino was basking in announcer Jim Thornton’s mellifluous tones as he described the “high seas voyage” $7071 cruise to Alaska she had just won.

Disabatino closed the night strong, picking up a final $3200 by correctly guessing “Who is Keeping Score?” on the evening’s final puzzle, bringing her cash total to $13,921 and earning a second-place finish. 


(The winner got a lucky $20,000 break on an earlier puzzle by snagging four “Ns” after his turn on the wheel landed on $5000.)

Sajak cheerfully endorsed Disabatino’s excellent showing.  “That’s a nice way to end it,” said the host, as he made his way around the wheel to see the Wilmington contestant off.  “I’d call that a really good night – you won a great trip, lots of cash.”

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