Driver Alert: Speed Limits Going Down on Key Local Roads

Speeds on Lancaster Pike, starting in Greenville at Centerville Road, will be reduced from 50 to 45 mph in October

Drivers on several major local arteries will soon need to pay closer attention to their speed, as DelDOT announced that speed limits will be reduced as a result of a safety study.

The road safety audit concluded that speed limits should go down by five miles-per-hour (MPH) on three key stretches of roadway in the Wilmington, Pike Creek and Hockessin areas. The study was commissioned following a community uproar over truck traffic on Lancaster Pike (Rte. 48) and Newport Gap Pike (Rte. 41) three years ago.


Local concern over excessive, noisy tractor-trailer truck usage boiled over into outrage when, without notification or consultation, signs were installed diverting truck traffic onto Lancaster Pike into Wilmington.

A panel established to study the issue led to the SR 7/SR 41/SR 48 Road Safety Audit (RSA). The audit found, and DelDOT has agreed, that speed limits should be reduced on the following roadways:

Speeds on Limestone Road between the PA state line and Brackenville Road (passing Lantana Square) will be reduced by 5 mph

  • Rte. 48 (Lancaster Pike) between SR 41 and Centerville Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 50-MPH to 45-MPH.
  • Rte. 7 (Limestone Road) between the PA/DE state line and Brackenville Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 50-MPH to 45-MPH.
  • Rte. 41 between SR 48 and Faulkland Road, the speed will limit will be reduced from 45-MPH to 40-MPH.


A DelDOT spokesman says new signs alerting drivers to changes “should be installed before the end of October.” The agency said that once that date is confirmed, it will put out notice that the new speed limit will be in effect.

According to the DelDOT spokesman, the Road Safety Audit is not yet finalized and will still need final approval from our Road Safety Audit Committee before it can be shared with the public.

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  • That’s great. It should also include Rt. 141 between Rt. 100 and Rt. 48, especially with the expectation of bicycle and foot traffic around the former Barley Mill Plaza area.

  • We think the speed limit should be 35mph on route 48 between 141 and centerville road – today we find folks going 60+mph during non rush hour times although posted as 45 mph. It is becoming a safety issue when trying to merge into traffic going toward Hockessin (only being able to see cars and trucks once they clear the hill).

  • Go to ireland and let’s talk speed limits. Imagine, a windy hilly road, with stone walls and no shoulders on both sides. Single or no middle stripe. And add in that the limit on those roads are 50-60mph. And yet, we have wide shoulders, sidewalks with large grass buffers, and are 25mph.

    The US sucks as it is with limits, and then you add the people that go 10 below. Grr.

  • Long over-due. Some fatal and near fatal accidents over the years. People driving entirely too fast. Thank-u for the over due study.

  • I’m glad to hear something is being done to control the heavy traffic flow in New Castle County. But one road was left off the list. RED MILL ROAD is over run with commercial trucks and passenger cars speeding through. You can hear the engine brakes as truck drivers attempt to get their vehicle under control. What’s worse is there is a school crossing zone on Red Mill with a county crossing guard and no speed reduction or caution lights in place. Unfortunately it’s a fatality waiting to happen.