Traffic Alert: DelDOT 141 Project at I-95 Will Cause Major Disruptions

A massive road repair project will soon be underway on one of the most heavily trafficked stretches of Delaware highway, closing ramps leading onto and off of I-95 and Route 141. 

Beginning Wednesday, August 21 at 8:00 pm, the construction will shut down the Rte. 141 southbound ramp to I-95 and the I-95 southbound ramp to Rte. 141 for at least two months. Motorists frequenting these already traffic-gnarled routes have no easy detour options, so DelDOT is warning of significant delays just as the busy back-to-school season kicks into gear.

The work is part of the $70 million Route 141/I-95 Interchange to Jay Drive Project the agency says will be completed in 2022.  The investment includes

• reconstruction of six interchange ramps
• construction of two new Rte. 141 bridges over southbound I-95
• the addition of new turn lanes on near Commons Boulevard

Here’s the overall plan for construction. 141 SB exit 3B (the orange section) and 95 SB Exit 5A (the yellow circular loop next to the orange) will be closed starting on Wednesday.

DelDOT provided the following recommended detour routes through the construction’s duration, which they say will continue into late October, pending weather conditions.

Route 141 southbound ramp Exit 3B closed to I-95 Southbound

Detour Route: Motorists will take the Route 141 Exit 2 ramp to I-295 northbound, take Exit 5B ramp to northbound Route 141, and take the northbound Route 141 Exit 3B ramp to I-95 southbound.

Ramp I-95 southbound Exit 5A closed to Route 141 southbound

For traffic on southbound I-95 and I-495 (north of I-295 interchange), motorists will take the I-295 north New Castle ramp to I-295 northbound, take the left ramp to US 13 Wilmington, take the ramp to US 13 south, turn left onto US 13 to Route 141 ramps; North Newport to South New Castle.

For traffic on I-95 southbound (south of Route 141 interchange), motorists will take the ramp Exit 4B to Churchmans Road, turn left onto Route 7/Route 1 southbound/Stanton-Christiana Road, take ramp Exit 164B to I-95 northbound, then take northbound I-95 Exit 5A ramp to south Route 141.

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