Next up for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Maiale’s Sausages and Mrs. Robino’s Braciole

We’re officially beyond the halfway point of Guy Fieri’s tasty trek through six of the Wilmington area’s most beloved local restaurants showcased on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

As he explained to TSD in February, Fieri famously cruised through Delaware this winter, dropping by half-a-dozen northern Delaware hotspots to test their fare and capture footage for airing on Triple D. 

Fieri’s visit to Delaware was a first for him and his show, coming four years after a TSD campaign urged the spiky-haired chef to feature First State fry houses on his program.

This past Friday’s episode – dubbed “Crazy Chicken and Twisted Burgers” – of the smash Food Network hit featured the popular lower Market Street burger joint, Farmer & The Cow, introducing viewers to head chef Jasper Singh, who served up meat-heavy delicacies including the That’ll Do Pig burger despite himself being a vegetarian!

The fifth Delaware dining delight will be featured this Friday, July 12 at 9 pm: Maiale Deli and Salumeria at 3301 Lancaster Avenue will get its star turn among other national joints in the episode “International Infusion.”  In between some tasty Hawaiian treats and Lebanese food in San Diego, Guy will be tucking into some of Maiale’s famous Thai Curry Chicken Sausage Sandwich with Asian slaw ($8.95) and sriracha and their legendary “Castro” sandwich ($9.50), which is Maiale’s version of the Cuban. 

Back in February, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives producers asked Maiale owner/chef Billy Rawstrom to offer up eight sandwiches, and from that list, Guy Fieri picked the two he wanted to sample on his visit. “It’s not a surprise that he picked those two because the Thai Curry is our most popular sausage sandwich, and the Cuban is one of our top two non-sausage sandwiches,” he said.


Rawstrom said it was a little nerve-wracking to cook for someone as famous as Guy Fieri. But the self-described ‘sausage king’ of Delaware said he counted on this confidence of his creations to win over the critic. “He takes a bite and kind of lets it sit for five seconds and you are kind of waiting for him and you think, ‘What are you going to say? What are you going to say?’ But he enjoyed it (the sandwiches). I think he said, ‘It drips from Flavortown.’ ”

Rawstrom is excited that his day in the limelight has finally come, especially after he was sworn to secrecy about the details of Guy Fieri’s visit for the last five months. “The whole experience was really a lot of fun. He (Guy Fieri) was really nice to me and my family – he was a good guy, and he was funny. I’m hoping that when we air on Friday that we’ll see some outtakes from some of our banter,” he said.

Behinds the scenes pics from Guy Fieri’s visit to Mrs. Robino’s Restaurant in Wilmington’s Little Italy. Chef/owner Andrea Wakefield is featured alongside Fieri.

Later this month Guy’s magical meatball mystery tour ends where it really all begins – the grandmother of Wilmington restaurants, Mrs. Robinos, at its historic 520 North Union Street perch.  The episode will air on Friday, July 26 at 9 pm and will bring us Andrea Minuto Wakefield at her “1940s Italian family spot that’s making beef braciola and meaty ravioli from scratch.”  Set your dials – or better yet – get over to Mama Robinos and Maiale for the watch parties! 


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