Forbes Says Christiana is State’s Best Employer

A national business news magazine’s assessment of the best places to work in every state finds that Christiana Care Health System employees are Delaware’s happiest and most likely to recommend their organization to family and friends.

The review of employers with more than 500 staff used anonymous survey data from 80,000 Americans rating their likelihood to endorse their employer with others.  The analysis also asked respondents to name other organizations in their area reputed to be good places to work.

Christiana was followed on the list by three major global financial institutions: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and PNC.  The retailer Kohl’s rounded out the top five (complete list below).

The University of Delaware and the City of Wilmington just missed placing in the top 10.

There are also Delaware-based employees of Forbes’ best employers nationally, with Trader Joe’s grocery stores landing the top spot.  Southwest Airlines, Eli Lilly, Costco and Garmin rounded out the top five.

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