$600,000 Skateboard Park Coming to Wilmington

Paine’s Park Skatepark in Philadelphia

Construction will begin in September on a $600,000 skate park, the first of its kind, in Wilmington. The new skate park will be disguised as a public park and will feature a street plaza course design with a bowl.

The park will be built on land given to the City by the State Transportation Department and will be located on the City’s west side at Liberty and Lower Linden Streets near Maryland Avenue. 

Renderings are not yet available because the City is issuing public bids for design and construction this month.

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki said the long-delayed park will be welcome news to the local skateboarding community. “A skate park has been the dream of Kevin Kelley (Parks and Recreation Director) and others for more than 20 years,” he said. “It was discussed, debated, planned, shelved and revived a few times in that order in the past two decades, and now we’ve finally reached the day when Kevin has the pleasure to join me in making this announcement.”

This skatepark is located in the Historic 4th Ward Park- Atlanta, GA

Kevin Kelley was a member of Wilmington City Council in 2001 when he first proposed the idea of a skate park. He spoke at the City’s announcement unveiling the new facility. “It may have taken longer than any of us expected, but soon people of all ages will enjoy a new City recreational facility that will feature a long overdue skate park. My thanks to everyone who has supported this idea in the past and will assist us as we move forward.”
“We are excited that this project is finally closer to becoming a reality for the City, and are happy that we could assist with providing a safe and convenient location for the park to call home,” said Delaware Transportation Secretary Cohan.

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