American Idol Alum Margie Mays Releases New Single, Lands on Spotify Playlist

American Idol fan favorite Margie Mays released her first original song “Over Again” on Friday

Fresh off her star turn on ABC’s American Idol, Tower Hill grad Margie Mays has released an original single – her first. Mays’ quirky, effervescent spirit shines through in the new pop tune “Over Again,” which the singer calls ‘a bittersweet, but oh-so-lovely ode to love.’

Early listeners are rating the song a winner, saying it is catchy, upbeat and has vocals that rival the best singers on the radio. In fact, on the morning of its release, “Over Again” landed on Spotify’s “New Music Friday Germany,” a list of the top songs the music streaming service recommends to its listeners there.

Margie Mays - Spotify playlist

Spotify’s “New Music Friday Deutschland” included Margie Mays’ first original song (at the bottom of the larger screenshot) in their recommended lineup. Katy Perry also released “Never Really Over” (highlighted in green in the smaller screenshot) on Friday, landing the pair of singers on the same Spotify playlist.

The singer/songwriter and American Idol fan favorite was thrilled with the unexpected promotion of her new release. “It’s a big deal to be on any Spotify playlist. To be on one of this grandeur is amazing. And I have no idea how it happened,” she said.

Proud as she is to have her first song out on Spotify, the thing that makes Mays is most proud is that her listing is right alongside Katy Perry’s new song, “Never Really Over,” released the same day. One of three American Idol judges, Perry took a liking to Mays, showing a special, almost kindred affection for the Delaware dynamo throughout the competition.

Mays is having some fun on social media with her own ‘American idol’ Katy Perry, who released a new single with a similar song title the same day as Mays

“The fact that we dropped songs on the same day, and that our songs are about the same exact thing and almost share a title is an amazing coincidence,” said Mays.

Mays wrote and produced “Over Again” independently – with the help of friends back in 2017. Thinking the song would be well-received, she waited to record a final, studio version until after she had built up followers. “I didn’t have much of a fan base then. But once American Idol happened, I got everyone to help me pull it together.” She says it takes a lot of personal effort to get a song done without a record label.

Mays has released other cover versions of songs by other artists. But this is her first totally original effort.

Mays says she hopes the American Idol producers pick up her new release, as she hopes to return to the stage again next season. “I knew it would be a perfect first release — kind of my announcement to the world that I’d love to go back.”

Here is a link to “Over Again” on Apple Music:

Here is a link to “Over Again” on Spotify:

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