Breaking: A Second Delaware Democrat is Running for President

A former Delaware state senator has launched an unlikely campaign for the US presidency, saying he wants to “heal America.”

Democrat Mike Katz, a physician who served one term in the state senate from 2008 to 2012, has established a website and social media pages touting his bid, featuring the slogan “Heal America 2020.”  The Greenville resident is aiming to raise the $65,000 from 65,000 people required to get onto the Democratic primary presidential debate stage.

The anesthesiologist’s website includes policy positions on issues including civil rights, healthcare, education and climate change, and photographs with prominent Delaware Democrats including former Governor Jack Markell and the late Attorney General Beau Biden, whose father announced his own candidacy for the White House last week. Katz’s website promotes “multi-partisan governing,” saying “from the first day of his presidency, Mike Katz will lead America back to civility, inclusion and compassion, in government and beyond.”

Katz has maintained a relatively low profile in Delaware politics since losing his reelection bid to Greg Lavelle in 2012 so many observers were surprised by his intention to seek the country’s highest office.

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