Update on Kennett Pike/141 Exit/Entrance Ramps and When Construction Campground Will Go

Back in November, you may recall we heralded with delight the “official” end of the epic road construction project on the vital, overloaded stretch of Rte. 141 through Greenville.

The opening of all traffic lanes was much welcomed to regular drivers on the mile plus stretch of roadway, one of New Castle County’s busiest. 

That marked the completion of one part of the overall 141 project but the beginning of another.  Since then, you may have also noticed not only the lingering presence of orange construction barrels, but that two major on/off ramps from/to 141/52 have been closed and we’ve learned another is set to follow.

As we reported in November:

Phase 5 of the project, which is projected to begin in March 2019, will include stormwater pond rehabilitation, landscaping along the median and alongside the roadways, rehabilitation and paving on the multi-use path along the roadway, and repaving the Lancaster Pike intersection and approaches to the new roadway in both directions.

This work will require intermittent lane and shoulder closures — but not during rush hour and not for more than a few hours each day — and is expected to take eight weeks.

We checked in with DelDOT for an update on this work along with questions about when the giant “construction campground” alongside 141 near Barley Mill Road will be cleaned up.  Here’s what we learned:

Q. When will the entrance ramp from Kennett Pike onto southbound 141 and the ramp from 141 north onto Kennett Pike be opened?

A. Pending weather, the Rte. 52 southbound to 141 southbound ramp will reopen this Thursday. The 141 northbound to 52 eastbound (into the city) ramp should be open by May 15 pending weather. These ramp closures have been necessary to complete curbing work.

Q. Are there other ramp closures coming?

A. The 141 northbound ramp to 52 northbound closure will take place after May 15 and take about two weeks to complete.

Q. How about the bike path work?

A. The daytime 141 northbound lane closure for the bike path work should be wrapped up this Thursday. This path starts at Barley Mill Road and goes up onto Route 52 and will be reopening this week for cyclists and pedestrians.

Q. What other work then is left for completion?

A.  The last part of the contract will be paving the Route 48 intersection and the area around the Montchanin Road intersection and completing work on the stormwater pond by the railroad bridge.

Q. When will all the construction vehicles, gear and materials be cleaned up by 141?

A: No definitive date yet, but safe to say end of summer.

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Christy Fleming

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