From Flag Football to Dance Marathon, Kids Raise Thousands for Limen House

SALSthon - reveal

Weary Salesianum, Ursuline and Padua students proudly revealed their fundraising total at 4 am on Sunday, April 7th

Students from three area high schools revealed at last weekend’s SALSthon that they had raised an incredible $169,000 for Wilmington’s Limen House – the most ever in the fundraiser’s history. The joint effort between Salesianum, Padua and Ursuline Student Councils involved months of planning, many fundraising events, outreach, and teens opening their hearts for those battling addictions.

The mission of Limen House – helping those with drug, alcohol, even opioid addiction – resonated with student planners.  “With the current attention on the opioid crisis, it wasn’t difficult to motivate students to join us in helping to alleviate the suffering of people in our community who are battling addiction,” said Ursuline Academy Senior Jane Lyons.

The high school students planned tournaments, dress down days, bake sales, contests, collections and the creative use of social media to promote and get students hyped for SALSthon.

Students from Salesianum, Ursuline and Padua held multiple fundraisers over several months leading up to SALSthon to raise thousands for Limen House

Last month Ursuline Academy students held their own Cabaret for a Cause (with a $5 admission) to raise money for SALSthon and Limen House. In September they directed proceeds from their annual flag football event with Salesianum at Serviam Field toward Limen House. “We enjoyed putting our signature on fundraising activities like dress down days, and fun additions like the SALSthon snow day challenge and the St. Patrick’s Day bake-off,” said Lyons.

SALSthon - flag football

Ursuline students raised $3,000 for SALSthon and Limen House at their annual flag football competition with Salesianum in the fall of 2018

Excitement was at a fever pitch all night long. “The atmosphere the night of SALSthon was electric! People were singing, dancing, playing dodgeball, climbing up the rock wall and mostly just having a blast,” exclaimed Salesianum Senior Frank Sorochen (’20), student council vice president and SALSthon marketing organizer.

“The moment we revealed the total amount fundraised, I was truly astonished. Standing up on stage, looking out into the crowd and seeing the reactions on their faces is a moment I will never forget,” said Sorochen.

SALSthon - volleyball

A friendly volleyball matchup between Sallies and Ursuline helped raise money for SALSthon

While the fundraising was impressive, equally important was the powerful experience students had with representatives from Limen House — people, from all backgrounds, who once battled addiction and are currently helping those still focused on their own recovery. 

Limen House is a non-profit residential treatment program with four houses in Wilmington. Limen House provides residents the time and tools they need to focus on their recovery which enables them to eventually live a healthy, sober life.

SALSthon - Limen House

The SALSthon marketing team made certain to educate students in the months leading up to the event about the significance of Limen House for people struggling with addiction

“It has been amazing to work with this group for such an amazing cause,” said UA Senior Abigail Rzucidlo. “From the beginning, everyone really bought into the idea of helping Limen House. It was so gratifying to exceed our fundraising goal by $20,000,” said Rzucidlo.

“We all know people who have struggled with drug or alcohol problems,” said UA classmate Lyons. “This has been an amazing experience for all of us to help the dedicated people at Limen House.”

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Christy Fleming

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  • Excellent article Christy, thank you! Limen House is humbled and forever grateful to the students of Padua, Ursuline, Salesianum and the community for their overwhelming support of the 2019 Salsthon!