Idol Star Margie Mays Updates Us on Her Next Round – on Sunday Night!

Margie Mays wrote on Facebook, “Dream BIG. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of guts but nothing will make your heart more full.” Photo: Margie Mays Instagram.

Hometown star Margie Mays will treat Delawareans to what is sure to be an exciting – if a little offbeat, if it is similar to her debut – performance this Sunday night on ABC’s American Idol. The Tower Hill grad tells TSD she will be singing a number she has specially rehearsed just for “Hollywood Week.”

“I knew I had to prepare for what would become reality if I got the golden ticket. I have one song prepared for the first round of Hollywood Week — I can’t tell you what yet – and if I make it through the first round, I will have other songs in my back pocket,” said Mays.

Margie Mays (Saunders) grew up in Wilmington and participated in music and theater arts at Tower Hill School. Photo from Mays’ Facebook page.

Mays was worried about a few things leading into her appearance as a true contestant – staying healthy, making sure she hits her notes and song choice.

“For me, that’s the biggest challenge and where I have lost the most sleep over – song choice. It’s crucial to winning this thing,” she said. “The name of the game is not only to have the voice that can win over an audience but picking the right songs to showcase them. That responsibility lies on me and knowing my voice.”

And in keeping with the jean theme in her audition round, Mays has purchased a little jean romper – “more denim, ha ha!” for Round One. She purchased her outfit at a local store in California called Planet Blue.

Mays caught the nation’s attention with her endearing audition in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie on the season’s March 3rd opening night. With thumbs up from two of the judges, the Stanford grad received a golden ticket to appear in the first round of the competition.

Mays is a lifelong fan of American Idol and says her appearance on the show is a dream come true. Her audition was so memorable that it garnered 4 million views on Facebook.  The complete background on Mays’ runup to the audition round is here.

Mays has sized up the competition, which she calls “fierce,” and says she will need her “A-game” if she is to advance into subsequent rounds. For Mays, this has meant practicing the same way she has for years. Mays is a voice instructor in Los Angeles.

“I have mostly been rehearsing alone. Mind you, everyone goes back to their respective homes until you go to Hollywood for the Hollywood Week round. Luckily, having sung for lots of years, I usually know what will sound good and what’s in my wheelhouse. I also am lucky enough that my boyfriend is a musician and incredible pianist – I have used and abused him to help me prepare!”

When asked if a contestant can overdo rehearsals and damage their voice, Mays says, “In regard to my voice, I went to school for this. I teach voice. So my voice is there and ready. For me, it’s about continuously flexing the muscles, like you would in any sport, and then just show up and stay healthy.”

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