‘No Big Trucks’ Signs for Centerville Road Following Another Crash

Residents asked DelDOT to reinforce the truck restrictions on Centreville Rd following repeated accidents on the narrow, windy thoroughfare

Little more than a month after the badly damaged guardrails at the ill-fated intersection of Centerville and Campbell Roads were freshly repaired, the bedeviled barriers are back to their banged up natural state.

While the guardrails are not nearly as mangled as in January, the last time TSD reported on the problem, by our count the latest dings make it the fourth time they’ve been hit in the last six months.


Simultaneous with the recent accident that caused the damage, new signs now appear at the Barley Mill Road entrance to Centerville Road as well as the Rte. 82 side, alerting drivers that large trucks “over 2 axels” are prohibited on the windy stretch of country road. 

We reached out to DelDOT and officials there tell us there’s been no change in what kind of trucks are allowed on the roadway and that there is no connection to the accidents that now seem to happen at a monthly clip.

“We had several residents ask that we update the sign about the truck restrictions, so we have done that with the new signage to ensure trucks are aware,” said our DelDOT source. “However,” he went on, “This is not a new restriction. The sign is not related to the damaged guardrail at Centerville Road.”

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