Who wants to be a billionaire? Delaware needs one!

A new list of the richest person in each of the 50 states shows that Delaware has a serious billionaire deficit.

Based on a review of data from Forbes, 24/7 Wall Street’s survey concludes that Delaware is one of only six states without billionaire bragging rights.  The First State joins other also-rans New Mexico, Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Alabama as only having extremely wealthy centi-millionaires atop the local money pile.

The richest Delawarean was actually two people: the siblings Robert Gore and Elizabeth Snyder, heirs to the Gore-Tex fortune founded by their parents.  The Gores, of Newark and Wilmington, clocked in at an estimated net worth of $750 million.

Once upon a time, thanks to the booming fortunes of the DuPont Company and the family that built it, Delaware was known as having more millionaires per capita than any state. Times have changed and a million bucks ain’t what it used to be (although Forbes puts the collective du Pont family fortune at $14.3 billion).

For now, Delaware has been relegated to the ranks of states like North Dakota, Vermont and Alaska with neither a million (people) nor a billion (dollar)s.  For Pete’s sake, West Virginia, South Dakota and Mississippi have billionaires – C’mon people! There is a real opening for a tech titan here!

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  • the state should contact the Philly sports teams and “recruit” players to move to DE. the commute to the stadiums/workout facilities are easy, the taxes low and housing options and school choices (particularly at their pay grade) are excellent.