Patterson-Schwartz Brews Up Huge Fundraising for Meals on Wheels

Greenville’s BBC Tavern and Grill has come to be a thriving platform for charitable giving, thanks to owner Dave Dietz’s pioneering guest bartending concept. 

Each month several nonprofits are the beneficiaries of the guest bartending events at the Kennett Pike eatery.  Few nights could have been as packed as that recently hosted by Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate to raise funds for Meals on Wheels.

Indeed, the effort organized by the real estate company raised over $7,000 for the nonprofit that provides financial resources for meal delivery programs for homebound elderly across the state.

Meals on Wheels executive director Ann Love said this kind of financial support provides essential life-sustaining support and nutrition for those in need.  “Across the state, last year 4,360 seniors received a meal. That’s 774,200 meals,” said Love.


“That’s the heartwarming gift of a warm meal at lunchtime to someone who’s living and waiting at home by themselves. And when you deliver a meal, you know the smile that comes to that person’s face, the way they wait at the door for that knock at the door and the conversation you’re going to have.”

Love said the partnership with companies like Patterson-Schwartz are critical to the continued success of their mission.

“Our bartenders tonight are almost all from Patterson-Schwartz – 18 people, which is just incredible,” said Love.  “They are just a great partner. They are very connected to our program and they have been for many years. They have been delivering meals for years, they support our events, and they’re just a great bunch of people to be around.”

Justin Kierstead, director of marketing for Patterson-Schwartz, said the company’s deep community roots and commitment made the event a “natural fit.”

“As a local real estate company, we strongly believe in supporting local causes,” said “It was a natural fit to feature Meals on Wheels Delaware, as many individuals within our PSA family have a personal connection to the organization, and we value the work they do in our community.”


Meals on Wheels board chair Scott Lugar said he’s been a devoted volunteer since beginning work at MBNA in the early 90’s.

“I delivered meals at lunch. I started helping out with events and now I’ve been board chair for six years and I find my involvement to be incredibly rewarding. We make face to face connections every day with people who are lonely and down on their luck. It’s an amazing experience.”

As money gets harder and harder for us to find, we go to these grassroots approaches as opposed to back in the day we could go to four or five major corporate donors,” Lugar continued. “But that just doesn’t happen anymore. So, for us to find partners like Patterson-Schwartz, and for them to rise to this level of commitment, is just huge for us, and we are so grateful.”

Some photos contributed by Ben Fournier Photography (as noted)

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