“Millionaire” Contestant Gives Winnings to Wilmington Charity

It’s Celebrity Judge week on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, with notable personalities raising money for a good cause, typically in their home towns. During today’s episode, the TV star of Judge Karen, Supreme Justice Karen Mills-Francis surprised producers, the host and a Delaware nonprofit by naming a Wilmington organization as the recipient of her winnings.

“I’m supporting the Beautiful Gate Outreach Center. They’re an organization that works to improve the lives of people who have HIV Aids in Wilmington, Delaware. They’re doing great work, and I want to help them win some money,” said Mills-Francis.

When the host asked if that was her home town, Judge Mills-Francis replied that she is from Miami, Florida. “Why up there?” host Chris Harrison asked.


“I was asked to speak to a group of girls up there last year, and I was just so impressed with what they’re doing and how they’ve been helping the community. There are a lot of people disproportionately affected with HIV Aids in Wilmington, Delaware.”

There were 14 questions between Mills-Francis and $1,000,000. Her first question, $5,000 question was this: 

In the 1970s, the FCC tried to protect a certain audience with certain guidelines urging that there be no more than 9 1/2 minutes of commercials per hour during what?  

A. Movies of the week
B. Sitcoms
C. Soap operas
D. Saturday morning cartoons

She correctly answered “D. Saturday morning cartoons.”

Unfortunately, she answered the next question incorrectly. But the $5,000 she won today will go to the Beautiful Gate Outreach Center.

Prior to becoming a TV judge, Mills-Francis was a county court judge in Florida

Mills-Francis was the keynote speaker at the Savings Our Sisters conference hosted by Beautiful Gate Outreach Center in Wilmington March, 2018. The conference brings together women affected with HIV Aids and helps raise awareness for the cause. 

Reached today by phone, representatives with the Aids outreach organization said they couldn’t be happier that Judge Mills-Francis tapped them for the honor. Program Director Suzanne Tait said, “This is absolutely wonderful! We are so truly blessed that she chose us and honored that she knows the work we are doing in the community.”

Tait added that even before today’s generous gesture, Judge Karen was an ideal speaker and mentor for her organization. “Her message of empowerment was perfect for the women and girls who attended the conference. It’s really wonderful that here we are a year later, and the impact of her visit continues to bless us.”

There will certainly be a lot to celebrate when the 14th Annual Saving Our Sisters Conference kicks off this Saturday, March 9th in downtown Wilmington. 


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