Biden Prez Campaign HQ will be in Wilmington … (or Philadelphia)

Joe Biden, in the final stages of preparing for a 2020 presidential bid, talks to CBS

A new report says former vice president Joe Biden is nearly ready to launch a third presidential campaign, with an announcement planned for April.

The CBS News story comes on the heels of remarks by the longtime senator at the University of Delaware last week saying his family was supportive of a White House bid and that he was in the “final stages” of making a decision.  CBS cites “multiple people” close to Biden providing the most extensive framing yet of his campaign positioning and operations.


From the story:

Language circulated to supporters in recent days and obtained by CBS News stresses that Biden “has spent his entire life dedicated to trying to make life easier for hardworking people in this country. He is passionate, he is empathetic, he is trustworthy — and voters know these things about him. It’s why he’s atop so many polls – it’s not because voters know his name, it’s because they know his character. They know who he is.”

The report goes on to say that the headquarters of a likely campaign are still TBD, with Wilmington or Philadelphia, “the largest city in a critical swing state that Democrats lost in 2016,” the likely base.

If Biden jumps into the presidential race, he’ll be joining at least a dozen or more Democrats who have already announced they want to take on President Trump in 2020.

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