Hip hop Superstar Cardi B will Party at New Wilmington Arena

Hip hop star Cardi B will appear at the 76ers Fieldhouse on April 26

Pop music fans won’t have to wait until Firefly to hang with a celebrity – that is, if they are able to score tickets to a 3000-person party featuring Grammy-winner Cardi B at the new 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington.

The #1 billboard superstar is the featured attraction at the BYDAWAY Bash on April 26, which promoters call “a vibe, a celebration, a shift in the culture!”  The event is the brainchild of Patientce Foster of the Cream Agency, a local shop that handles publicity for the Bronx-born hip hop sensation.

According to Steve Cavalier of BPG|Sports, which manages the venue on Garasches Lane on Wilmington’s southside, Foster approached the venue about hosting this event, which organizers emphasize is not a concert, although it may feature some riffs from Cardi B (real name: Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar).


Cavalier says the BYDAWAY (“By the way”) Bash will allow fans to get down with Cardi – a great opportunity for the just-opened facility. “We’re beyond excited to have someone like Cardi B at our venue.  This is why we built the building, to bring new and exciting opportunities to Wilmington, whether it’s for sports or entertainment. It’s a perfect fit for us,” said Cavalier.

Cardi B - Entertainer of the Year

Cardi B’s debut album in 2018 went double platinum, with five top 10 singles. The artist was named one of EW’s “Entertainers of the Year”

The music enthusiasts and all-night partyers will need to be well heeled if they want to chat up the star.  While general admission tickets for the shindig go for $45, the super deluxe VIP access will cost $2500 (for a table of 5), where the fine sparkling wine will be flowing and Cardi B-elbows will be rubbing.

“Cardi B could be up in that area,” said Cavalier.

Cavalier confirmed there will be some kind of appearance or greeting offered by Cardi B, with a possibility she could do a riff or two, but no guarantees are offered.  The webpage for the 21-and-over event offers the explicit disclaimer “This is a CELEBRITY APPEARANCE, NOT an official performance or production.”

So, caveat emptor.

Cavalier said other concerts are not yet currently locked in for the arena, “but we are talking to country music promoters and are considering other music genres to bring here.”

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