Local Girl Gets her Star Turn on American Idol

Margie Mays Saunders, with father Chris Saunders, will perform on American Idol in March

A Delaware girl has made it to the big time and her upcoming star turn as a contestant on American Idol has her family cheering her on from their Wilmington home. 

Margery Saunders (she goes by the professional name “Margie Mays”) is a 2011 graduate of Tower Hill School who went west to attend Stanford University in California and hasn’t returned – thanks to a golden singing voice that has kept her plenty busy and got her through the extensive auditions for the hit national TV talent show. 

Spokespeople for the show tell us she’s slated to take the stage sometime this spring, likely in March.

Photograph by: KAIA D’ALBORA

Margie’s parents Alice and Chris Saunders told us their multi-talented daughter grew up playing a lot of sports and participating in theatre, but music was always a special interest.

“Margie was always upbeat and singing and dancing,” said Chris Saunders. “At sleepovers when she was 10 years old, she would be singing the night away with her girlfriends!”

Alice Saunders said that as she developed, Margie continued to pursue her love of performing. “We knew she was theatrical, and she was in musicals in school. But she was also working to make sure her grades were really high and she continued to play squash,” said Saunders. “She joined an a cappella group at Stanford University. Music clearly was her love.”

Saunders told us Margie packed her bag and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a singing career the very day after she graduated from the elite California school in 2015.  She attended the Los Angeles College of Music to study vocals and has since taught freelance voice and piano lessons in Los Angeles.  

The American Idol opportunity came through hard work and determination to have her voice heard. This was her first audition for the hit ABC show — something she had previously only dreamed of doing.

Dr. Chris Saunders and his wife Alice Saunders of Wilmington are proud of their daughter’s musical journey

The season premiere of the smash hit ABC show airs March 3rd at 8 pm.  Representatives of the show tell us we could find out closer to that date when the Delawarean gets her time in the spotlight.  

Mom Alice could not be more proud. “We are just so incredibly happy for Margie. She works so hard and deserves this!”

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