New AG Jennings Names Deputy, Appoints Oberly as Advisor

Attorney General Kathy Jennings - at work

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings at work in DOJ’s Wilmington office this morning

New Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings took office today, using her first day on the job to announce senior staff appointments including a former Joe Biden staffer as her chief deputy.

Alexander S. Mackler, currently an Assistant United States Attorney, will serve as the Chief Deputy Attorney General beginning in May 2019 following active duty with the Army National Guard.  Prior to becoming a federal prosecutor, Mackler was the Deputy Legal Counsel to Vice President Joe Biden. Earlier Mackler served as Senator Ted Kaufman’s Deputy Chief of Staff, and as then-Senator Biden’s Press Secretary.

Jennings also announced that former state Attorney General and former U.S. Attorney Charles Oberly will join the Department of Justice as a senior advisor to the attorney general focusing on reform initiatives involving the criminal justice system.

On January 1 Kathy Jennings too the oath of office as Delaware’s 46th Attorney General

“I told the people of Delaware — and the people of Delaware told me – that there need to be changes to the criminal justice system that will make it more fair and just while keeping people safe,” Attorney General Jennings said.


“I firmly believe that that is a full-time job and I have asked Charlie Oberly to use his experience and knowledge to oversee and coordinate our office’s efforts to work with our prosecutors, with the legislature, with law enforcement, with victims groups, with advocates, with the community, and with the courts to make changes in our state’s criminal justice system to make it more fair,” she said.

Other leadership positions at DOJ include:

  • J. Roop, who has headed DOJ’s proactive and community-focused Crime Strategies Unit for the last few years, will become State Prosecutor.
  • Allison Reardon will continue as State Solicitor, which is head of DOJ”s Civil Division, until her planned retirement in spring 2019. Aaron Goldstein will become State Solicitor at that time. In the meantime, Goldstein, currently Chief Deputy Attorney General will remain in that role for Attorney General Jennings. 
  • Abigail Layton will continue as director of the Family Division.
  • Sonia Augusthy will continue as head of the Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust.
  • Gregory Patterson will continue as DOJ’s chief of staff.

According to the Attorney General’s office, General Jennings took her oath of office privately to begin her term January 1 as required by state law, but plans to hold a public swearing-in ceremony at a later date.

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