Man’s Best Friend is Sitting at the Doggy Table No More!

Labs enjoy a seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table at Penns Wood Winery, 2016. Diners were invited to bring their dogs for “Friendsgiving.”

A Chadds Ford bakery specializing in canine treats will continue a tradition this year of offering fresh Thanksgiving dinners for its four-legged customers.

GiggyBites Bakery (for dogs) in the Chadds Ford Olde Ridge Shopping Center, prepares a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner Just for Dogs with wholesome, dog-safe ingredients.  

GiggyBites makes a Thanksgiving feast just for canines.

For eight years, the bakery has made and packed the meals on site, with doggy dinners including Turkey Meatloaf topped with Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potato Pumpkin Puree, a Cranberry Corn Muffin, and of course a fresh baked GiggyBites Dog Treat.

The special turkey meatloaf consists of ground turkey formulated with a dog food mix, plus grains fruits and vegetables, that makes it a complete meal.

Orders are made by hand and boxed at the GiggyBites bakery in Chadds Ford

GiggyBites warns that while it is tempting to slip our furry friends a little food from the Thanksgiving plate, many of our holiday favorites  — like seasoned turkey, gravy and stuffing – can be too rich for dogs, potentially causing pancreatitis and severe gastrointestinal issues.   

Dog owners should be hypervigilant about keeping certain foods away from their pets.  So GiggyBites says their meals are made with only the best dog-safe ingredients. All meals come as one serving. But it’s up to the owner’s discretion how to portion it for larger or smaller dogs.

The doggy bakery and marketplace (they sell leaches, toys, etc.) sells out of the $15 Thanksgiving Dinners every year. Orders can be picked up starting this Saturday through Wed., Nov 22. Now you can save a spot for your four-footed friend at the holiday table!

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