Traffic Update! 141 Northbound Exit Ramp from I-95 North to Open

After nearly two and a half years of construction, the 141 northbound exit ramp from I-95 north will re-open Wednesday night at 10 pm.

The important connector first closed in on June 2016, when DelDOT began using the ramp as a staging area for the new 141 bridges being installed over the northbound intersections of I-95 295. After installation of those new bridges was completed, the ramp itself was reconstructed.

According to DelDOT, reopening this ramp was the last remaining piece of “Phase 1” of the massive 141 bridge project.

DelDOT Director of Community Relations C.R. McLeod says the bridges were 60 years old and not able to accommodate the volume of traffic that uses that corridor every day. Enhancements include wider merge lanes, increased shoulder space and easier on-ramp and off-ramp access to I-95.

“It’s definitely been a major inconvenience. However, there’s no easy way to work on bridges in that corridor,” said McLeod. He added that electronic message boards will indicate to motorists that the exit ramp is open.

However, before we settle into ‘life as normal,’ DelDOT plans to begin Phase 2 construction in the spring of 2019. During that phase 141 north and south exit ramps from I-95 south will be intermittently closed so new bridges can be constructed over I-95 south and 295 heading south.

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