Joe Biden Lauds Child Protection Training at Beau Biden Foundation Fundraiser

Although 30,000 adults in Delaware have been trained to protect children from sexual abuse through a Beau Biden Foundation program, former Vice President Joe Biden told attendees at a fundraiser for the nonprofit last week, “There’s a lot more work to be done” given the vast nature of child abuse.

“By now you know what we’re up against,” said Biden. “The numbers are shocking – one in ten children will be molested by the time they turn eighteen. Children with disabilities are seven times more likely to suffer sexual abuse. Nine out of ten kids are abused by someone they know, love or trust.”

Biden heralded children-focused initiates underway at the foundation, including those focused on internet safety and organizational planning. He noted that the organization is expanding its work into other states.


The event at Wilmington Country Club – the 4thannual golf and tennis tournament and cocktail party – drew several hundred supporters and raised more than $400,000 for the foundation, according to executive director Patty Dailey Lewis.

“Beau adored his parents. The fact that Joe and Jill are out here tonight carrying on Beau’s mission is not surprising,” said Lewis. “They care about those without a voice. Vice President and Dr. Biden give a voice to the voiceless. This is what they personally believe in their hearts.”

The longtime US Senator also recalled the commitment his late son – a two-term Delaware attorney general – had to children’s issues.

“Beau always said, ‘In the realm of child protection, it is the responsibility of adults – all adults – to speak up for children. They cannot speak for themselves.’ That’s why the Beau Biden Foundation is shining a bright light on child abuse – and why we all need to answer Beau’s call to action.”

Photography by Rhonda Bowman and Brad Glazier

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