Ardenites Want to Make America Great Again (a few anyhow)

How the neighbors voted in 2016: The NY Times published an extremely detailed map of the 2016 election.

Dying to know how your neighbors a few blocks away voted in the hotly contested 2016 presidential election?  A new interactive map produced by the New York Times makes it as easy as the touch of a finger to check out results right down to the neighborhood level.

The Times says the map is based on the painstaking collection of local data from state and county government websites and election officials.

While the big ‘red state-blue state’ picture hasn’t changed, if you are interested in this kind of thing it is fun to drill down into precinct-level voting.  As with the rest of the country, Delaware’s landmass is largely a reddish hue, with northern suburbs, our cities and a few coastal population centers going blue. And of course, those pockets of azure represent the state’s overwhelming vote for Hillary Clinton.

Cruising around the state you encounter some curiosities.

For example, while northern New Castle County was generally a sea of blue support for Hillary Clinton, the Pike Creek/Newark Pleasant Hill neighborhood bracketed by Paper Mill Road and Possum Park Road went big for Trump, 96-56, giving the President nearly 60% of the vote. Yet just a few blocks away, the Drummond Hill/Ridge developments voted the complete opposite, going for Hillary 65-35%.  Hmmm.  That’s some serious voter targeting.

Neighbors just blocks away showing big differences in their collective voting habits in the 2016 presidential election

Other interesting takeaways:

  • The socialist paradise of Arden, Bernie Sanders terrain to be sure, unsurprisingly delivered big for Hillary. Yet, 113 (17%) of residents went with Donald J. Trump.  You have to wonder if any of those MAGA fans were brave enough to post a yard sign or wear their red hats around the village.
  • Big chunks of the City of Wilmington were as deep a blue as blue can be, averaging 96-97% for Hillary, the largest swath of town going Democrat 582-7.
  • Southwestern Kent County – an area just west of Harrington – was the strongest Trump territory in the state, giving the President 83% of the 400 votes tallied.
  • Two of our neighboring states, New Jersey and Maryland, are reliably Democratic in national elections yet the precincts in those states bordering Delaware overwhelmingly voted Trump.  One community in southwestern NJ just across the river went 352-82 or 78% for the president.

While the Times has a paywall for some content it appears the map is available for access by non- subscribers – so here you go:

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