Delaware Tennis League Champs to Compete in Princeton

As the summer USTA adult tennis league season winds down, the top four teams in a variety of age divisions compete for first place and the chance to represent Delaware at regional and national competitions later this year. Two days of playoffs took place this past weekend for the ’18 and Over’ teams, with championship play moving indoors to DuPont Country Club on Sunday due to rain.  

Congratulations to the newest USTA Delaware District 18 & Over champions. Nine teams will represent Delaware at Sectionals, August 17 – 19, in Princeton, NJ, including the WooHooters women’s 4.0 team, which will participate in Sectionals for the third time in four years. Sharon Wooters celebrates her 20th year captaining WooHooters this year! 

3.0 Men – Bevan’s Boys ~ Captained by Fred Bevans & Glenn Jones
3.0 Women – Martini Navratilovas ~ Captained by Athena Colucci
3.5 Men – Avon Grove ~ Captained Mike Nardozzi
3.5 Women – Uber Smash ~ Captained by Taya Dianna
4.0 Men – Miller Force ~ Captained by Dave Marioni & Brian Miller
4.0 Women – WooHooters ~ Captained by Sharon Wooters
4.5 Men – Snipers ~ Captained by Chris Kyper & Tony Deimler
4.5 Women – Ace in your Face ~ Captained by Molli Jones
5.0 Men – Wilmington Warriors ~ Captained by Eric Kanse

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