Rash of Vehicle Break-ins Prompts Police Warning

Above all, “smash-and-grab” thieves look for opportunities. The Delaware State Police offers theft prevention tips.

A string of vehicle break-ins in Pike Creek and North Wilmington has led the Delaware State Police to advise residents to keep an eye out for potential criminal activity in their neighborhoods and to take precautions that can help prevent thefts.

State Police officials are offering the following prevention and awareness tips:

  • Do not leave items of value in your vehicle. This includes purses, wallets, credit cards, electronics, checkbooks, money, SS card, loose change, documents and paperwork with your personal information listed.
  • Store valuable tools inside your residence. If needed daily for work, create an easy system to load and unload, such as using storage containers to transport.
  • Lock your glove box, which should only store your registration and insurance cards. Do not store your vehicle title in the glove box. Store it in a safe place in your residence.
  • Do not leave items that have a perceived value, such as a laptop case with no laptop.
  • Clear the vehicle of all clutter and personal items. This can give the general impression that other property of value may be within the vehicle.
  • Do not keep a spare vehicle key hidden in the same vehicle. Do not store house keys or other keys in your vehicle.
  • If possible, keep your vehicle parked under a lighted area that you can check on from your residence.
  • If you have a surveillance security system, include your vehicles in the angle of your camera. If you locate a suspicious subject on your property, in the area of your vehicles, do not confront them, call 911 immediately.

And finally, be a good witness for your neighbors, co-workers and fellow citizens, as you would want them to do the same for you. Pay attention and be aware to what is going on in your neighborhood, and other places that you frequent throughout the course of your day such as the parking lots of local businesses, your workplace, parks etc.

If you See Something-Say Something, by reporting all suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

Information may also be provided by calling Delaware crime stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or via this link.

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  • Why do you have a pic of the 500 block of Market Street, if the break-ins are in Pike Creek and North Wilm? Doesn’t the city have enough of a safety image downtown?

  • An early version of our email newsletter included the incorrect photograph for this story. This was corrected immediately and the photograph never appeared on the site. We regret the error.