Moms Demand Action Hosts Hockessin #WearOrange Event

The Hockessin Area Moms Demand Action local group painted the town orange in solidarity with supporters of common sense gun safety legislation nationwide this weekend. Local families came together to raise awareness about gun violence and its impact on every community – and were honored to be joined by office-seekers, lobbyists, and activists from across the region.

Families enjoyed camaraderie and children’s activities – including a terrific magic show by local magician / entertain Magic Tom – at the Center for the Creative Arts in Yorklyn. Water ice and snacks were provided by the Moms Demand Action Delaware chapter, which coordinates legislative advocacy efforts statewide. Interested? Head to the chapter Facebook page for info:

Why orange?

Orange is the color that Hadiya Pendleton’s friends wore in her honor when she was shot and killed in Chicago at the age of 15 — just one week after performing at President Obama’s 2nd inaugural parade in 2013. Since then orange has been the defining color of the gun violence prevention movement – a movement that honors the 96 Americans killed each day by gun violence in America.

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About the Contributor

Traci Manza Murphy

Traci Manza Murphy

Traci helped launch the Delaware Moms Demand Action, which supports greater gun control. A native Delawarean and proud Blue Hen, Traci is also the editor and co-founder of

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  • I can not help but notice the similarities between the Temperance Movement of the 1920’s and your vocal blame-the-gun, blame-the NRA, blame-the-President, blame and ban everyone and everything minority. The Temperance Movement made similar “common sense” promises that Prohibition laws banning “EVIL” alcohol was for our own good, family life would be better, employees would be more productive, violence would go down and our American society would reap a whirlwind of benefits. What a fantasy, instead entire families turned to easy money crime, violent crime increased to levels never seen before, organized crime was born, a law enforcement hatred was established, and millions of Americans became criminals overnight. We had to repeal these Prohibition laws to restore balance to our society. Now this insanity of punishing all the innocent for the sins of a few is trying to make a comeback! The real root of the problem is the Democratic Party politicians passed the ” gun free zone” law for schools in 1990. How many school shooting incidents did we have before then and now how many after? Statistics show 98% of all mass shooting have occurred in “gun free zones” which are better named “killing zones”. The “gun free zone” law is a law of incredible stupidity that gives every advantage to the criminal lunatics and punishes the innocent for trying to prevent the carnage! This law makes the schools very attractive soft targets for these lunatics looking to make themselves “famous”! Since we have now had a number of these school incidents it should be obvious to all moms that this law is directly responsible for the murder of our children. Yet where do you direct your energies? Towards more laws! Do you realize that laws only prescribe punishment for doing or not doing a certain action? Laws do not PREVENT anything! What is needed now is your energies in fast tracking the repeal of the 1990 “gun free zone” law to save the children!