Like Fast Food? Don’t Read This Story

Burger King is located on Concord Pike

A Concord Pike burger joint is dealing with a whopper of a problem that has led to prompt action by the Delaware Division of Public Health.

But the most significant reputational damage to the Burger King restaurant on 202 may likely be the indelible image of mice scrambling through a bag of hamburger buns that was said to be shot at the franchise’s Brandywine Hundred location.

The video, posted by Shantel Johnson on Facebook, offers cringe-worthy evidence of rodents scurrying about in places none of us want to imagine.

Contacted by TSD, Ms. Johnson confirmed she took the video on Friday, May 1.  As of press time, it has nearly 20,000 shares and 1,000 likes.

After receiving a tip on Friday, the Delaware Division of Public Health’s Office of Food Protection conducted an inspection and ordered the premises closed.  In a letter, the state agency said it “formally mandates that you cease and desist all food establishment activities effective immediately,” citing “gross, unsanitary conditions.”

Phone calls to the restaurant were not answered on Monday, but a source who drove by the BK this evening reported that lights were on in the establishment and the drive-thru lane appeared to be operational.

Stay tuned for further stomach-turning updates.

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