Trolley Square Oyster House: a Neighborhood Favorite

Part of the Big Fish Restaurant Group, Trolley Square Oyster House added a seafood and raw bar scene to the neighborhood when it opened in 2016

Trolley Square is a quaint, vibrant community with a small town feel. Everything is within walking distance, and we have our own parks, bike trails, river walk, art museum, local food market, public tennis courts — even a childrens’ theater. It is a good place to share with friends and family. 

Although we already had great bars, coffee shops, breakfast spots, small diners and restaurants with different cuisine choices (Italian, Greek, Thai, burritos), we yearned for a family seafood spot. That’s why Trolley Square Oyster House (TSOH) arrived just at the right time. TSOH serves a great brunch, too!

The freight train that passes through Trolley Square adds to the charm of the neighborhood

The atmosphere is casual, fun, equally inviting for families or for groups of friends. During summer months it has a nice terrace, overlooking the freight train railway, which is part of TSOH’s charm.  

Their menu is creative and very fresh. TSOH offers casual seafood fare and raw bar with east and west coast oysters, seafood cocktails, crab cakes, clam chowder, fish tacos, mussel steam pots and many other alternative options to seafood, like sandwiches and salads. 

Raspberry point oysters from Prince Edward Island, a cold beer and nice glass of prosecco at TSOH

For my family, Trolley Square Oyster House offers all we like to eat during the weekend. Today, we went to the oyster bar. First, we had oysters: Raspberry point, from Prince Edward Island: clean taste, buttery and creamy, with a sweet mushroom finish. We also had Katama Bay oysters, from Martha’s Vineyard, salty, with a slightly sweet finish.

For me, they all tasted like the sea breeze, just perfect for my bubbly prosecco flute and my husband’s cold beer. Then, we tried the oyster stew: made with fresh shucked oysters, it’s prepared right when you order it, with cream, butter and bacon. It’s creamy, and the oysters are not overpowering. Really delicious.

Served with oyster crackers, what else could we ask for? Seafood tacos! If seafood tacos are served with thick, warm corn tortillas, you know they will be good. And at TSOH shrimp tacos were made with 2 plump shrimp each, the right amount of chipotle mayonnaise, pico de Gallo (chopped tomato, onion, jalapeño), half a lime and shredded cabbage. 

For my son, the epic brunch bowl beckoned, with two over easy eggs with runny yolks, spicy chorizo, fresh guacamole and crispy tortillas. 

Seafood tacos are served with warm corn tortillas, shrimp, chipotle mayonnaise and pico de Gallo

And for me, the open faced Crab Melt sandwich, served warm, with charred, crispy sourdough bread, and a jumbo lump crab cake, grated with melty, aged cheddar cheese. Last time, I also asked for a side of over easy eggs, and they were cooked to perfection, with runny yolks and well cooked whites. All their brunch specials are served with golden, crispy hash brown potatoes. 

During weekdays and nights, it has full bar service, many oyster-inspired cocktails, and the seating is open, so if a table becomes available you can take it. Service is kind and knowledgeable. On Saturdays, there’s live entertainment, with local bands playing at their stage.

While TSOH is a great spot for a family meal, it also has a popular bar scene

Trolley Square Oyster Bar looks like a different scene for weekend Pajama brunch. It seems to be a favorite for families. And it’s not too crowded or loud. It offers the same seafood fare and raw bar, plus build your own Bloody Mary or Mimosa Bar. Square Oyster House is here to stay, so we will continue shucking!

Trolley Square Oyster house is part of the BIG FISH group of restaurants, a culinary group which was born in Delaware, synonymous with good quality, food and commitment to our state through the creation of local jobs and attention to detail.

Bon appetit! 

Trolley Square Oyster House at 1707 Delaware Ave. was previously Satsuma Asian Cuisine. But it is probably best remembered as Del Rose Café, which closed in 2013.

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About the Contributor

Carmen Martinez

Carmen Martinez

Carmen Martinez was raised in Mexico where she worked in marketing for international companies including Colgate, Gillette and P&G. With her husband's assignment at Astra Zeneca, Martinez moved with her family to the Trolley Square neighborhood in 2014. She has welcomed many new international families to Delaware with her leadership and involvement with the International Women's Club and now proudly teaches Spanish at Tower Hill School. She enjoys visiting new restaurants and is a fan of all things Delaware!