New Women’s Boutique to Join Greenville Retail Lineup

Ashley Murphy is excited to open her new women’s fashion boutique Blythe in Greenville in August

Greenville’s Powder Mill Square will soon once again host an upscale women’s retailer. Delaware native Ashley Murphy plans to open her store “Blythe” as soon as the fall merchandise she has already ordered arrives and is ready to display.

This is the first store for Murphy, who will occupy the old Two Sisters location, between Starbucks and the space formerly occupied by Peter Kate. In fact, Murphy worked for each of those retailers where she came to know and like many of the clientele she hopes will visit her new store when it opens in August.

TSD caught up with Murphy to learn more about this exciting news for Greenville shoppers.

Town Square Delaware: Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Ashley Murphy: I have lived in Delaware virtually my entire life and really love it here. Every time I leave, I always come back. I graduated from Archmere Academy in 2006, and I attended both Endicott College and University of Delaware, where I studied art and childhood education. I’ve always loved art and creativity, and while I didn’t pursue teaching, I hope to bring those interests into my new store here in Greenville.

I’ve worked in retail since high school, working at a variety of stores in Wilmington, including Flirt Boutique in Trolley Square, Lucky Brands here in Delaware and out in California, Two Sisters and Peter Kate.

Murphy looks forward to welcoming friendly faces to her new store in Powder Mill Square when she opens in August 

TSD: What inspired you to open a store in Greenville?

Murphy: I can remember getting my first cash register when I was 6 for Christmas, and I always knew I wanted to work the cash register! But seriously, since I really honed in on my desire to work in retail and specifically fashion, I’ve had a vision of opening my own store. I have attempted to open a store a couple of different times, and we’re hoping the third time is the charm!  I love the people I have met at each of the stores I worked at, and that’s a big reason why I am opening up the store.

TSD: There must have been lots to consider as you evaluated this incredible business opportunity.

Murphy:  Well first, I know that I love this town, and this is where I want to be, and Greenville is an area I am familiar with both professionally and personally. So, this was the right location for me to launch my business. But also, as I considered my future and discussed this opportunity with family and friends, one very good friend gave me some great advice that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. She said, ‘Stop thinking about your past, start thinking about your future, and ask yourself, ‘what would you do today to realize your dreams of the future?’ And that of course was opening a store.


TSD: Where does the name Blythe come from?

Murphy: Blythe is middle name, and it actually means kind, carefree, and joyous. So I’ve been trying to live by that throughout this whole process. It’s a good reminder.

TSD: What will your new store look like?

Murphy: You’ll see a lot of my personality in my store. But I’ve been paying attention and trying to think of all of the people who shop in this community as well as those who have really inspired me to bring my vision to reality. My store will have a little bit of dressy but we’ll have a big focus on accessories and apparel that women can wear and feel comfortable in every day. I am excited to meet everyone who likes to shop in Greenville and I am really looking forward to this new chapter in my life!

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  • Lots of luck with your new store… working with the public is not easy but you seem to have a great personality and drive. I wish the best for you!

  • I am so excited for you Ashley and can’t wait to visit your store on a regular basis….beat of luck