Concord High School Wins National Engineering Competition

A tech-savvy team of students at Concord High School was thrilled to win the 2017 SourceAmerica Design Challenge last week in Washington, DC, making this the second year in a row that the Concord students have earned the blue ribbon for their invention, which will support people with disabilities at work.

Winning back to back years might seem like a long-shot. But as TSD first shared in February, the the team of aspiring engineers at Concord developed a novel engineering device for Waggies by Maggie and Friends that will benefit both employees with disabilities and their employers’ bottom line. That combination of attributes helped land team Concord in 1st place.

The device is called the Weigh Master – a computerized scale that speaks to the user and offers visual and color-coded cues. The Weigh Master virtually eliminates the cognitive confusion involved with weighing dog treats. Waggies by Maggie and Friends considered the invention a stroke of genius and was excited about the Concord Team’s prospects as finalists at the competition.

On the day before the final competition, all Design Challenge finalist teams met with their congressional representatives on Capitol Hill to discuss the Design Challenge. The Concord team met with US Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, D-Del.

Congrats to the Concord Raiders!

Daniel Barnes
Rowan Davis
Justin DiGiovanni
Tatyana Nesterova
Dylan McAllister
Abhinav Ratnagiri
Nicholas Reith
Surya Shakamuri
Matias Saavedra Silva
Joshua Stone
Michael Zullo


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