Bordeaux Wine Harvest 2015 a ‘Potential Classic’

Bigly. Big league. Tomato tomahto.  

Either way you look it, the 2015 Bordeaux are pretty stellar for the money… unless you ask The Donald.  But he doesn’t drink anyway, so what does he know.  

We can all agree that the French reds can make the election aftermath a little more tolerable.  But hey, I’m not one to ever mix wine and politics!  I just know that I haven’t tasted a lineup of under-$15 Bordeaux that tastes this good since Reagan was president.  

The Wine Spectator says (and other critics believe the same) that the Bordeaux wine harvest 2015 is a “potential classic.”  After several challenging years, Mother Nature gave Bordeaux a beautiful growing season.  

“We had a great winter, very cold and rainy,” said Pierre Courdurie of Château Croix de Labrie in St.-Emilion.

“The spring started with sun and no frost. Flowering was perfect: It took just two days in early June, which put us 2 weeks earlier compared to 2014 and almost on the same schedule as 2010. Then July was very hot and dry, one of the hottest in more than 30 years. In August we had just the perfect rainfall which made the ripening perfect.”

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About the Contributor

Frank Pagliaro

Frank Pagliaro

Frank Pagliaro has been a Wilmington wine merchant since 1986 – Frank’s Union Wine Mart. He is the Team Host & Chief Wino of the Marathon Team which gets fellow winos and runners together to train for a yearly Fall Marathon while raising money for children’s charities.