30 Dallas Dogs Get New Leash on Life in Delaware


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Thirty small dogs from a Dallas, Texas, rescue organization received a second chance when they made their way to a no-kill Delaware animal shelter last week. The Faithful Friends Animal Society is happy to report that most of the dogs have been adopted, and they are thrilled to be able to meet the expectations of Delawareans who regularly approach Faithful Friends requesting small dogs for adoption.

With lots of extra space in their small-dog kennels, Faithful Friends was connected to Rockwall Pets by their national partner, Best Friends Animal Society, to find facilities in the US with animals most at-risk of being euthanized. They eventually teamed up with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center by Rockwall Pets, which packed up 30 canines in their rescue van and drove half of the trip up north, meeting Faithful Friends volunteers in Tennessee. Faithful Friends then drove the canines the remainder of the trip to Delaware.

“We brought these dogs to our shelter because we do have a high demand for small dogs for adoption, and we have a number of small dog kennels that were empty,” said Faithful Friends Development and Public Relations Manager Brittany Anthony. “This really is teamwork at its best, and we feel so fortunate that we were able to make this happen,” said Anthony.

“I definitely didn’t think I would be adopting a dog that day,” said Jennie Campbell, who adopted one of the Dallas dogs. “But after spotting Jayden, a small chihuahua mix, I had fallen in love. The people at Faithful Friends were incredibly nice and helpful throughout the adoption process. I am so thankful they took the trip to Dallas to rescue Jayden and all the other dogs.”

Faithful Friends continues to do a brisk business pairing all of their dogs and cats with new owners. Just last month 155 homeless and neglected pets in Delaware found loving “forever homes.” And Faithful Friends is getting 23 puppies this Saturday at 2am from an Alabama transport. Golden Retrievers, Labs, Shepherds, a variety mostly 3-4 months.

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