Markell Aiming for Clinton Cabinet?

US Education Secretary John King was in Wilmington yesterday morning – his second recent visit to the First State – to laud a federal grant program supporting early childhood education. In a News Journal article, King cited “nation-leading work” in the First State on this front, thanks to $50 million in federal support.

The secretary’s visit coincides with a Politico report speculating on possible Cabinet picks in a Hillary Clinton White House, including King’s own possible replacement:

Education Secretary
John King just took over the job this year, leading many to believe that he’d be a perfect candidate for a holdover into a Clinton administration. He was Arne Duncan’s No. 2, and before that the state commissioner in New York. Just-departed D.C. schools chancellor Kaya Henderson is also seen as a contender here, as is King’s predecessor as deputy, Jim Shelton. And outgoing Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, meanwhile, has had his eyes on this job for years.

The News Journal’s Saranac Hale Spencer notes that Gov. Markell is working to burnish his legacy in education as he prepares to leave office after two terms, but his tenure has been characterized by clashes over his Priority Schools initiative and, most recently, some unfinished redistricting business left by the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (WEIC).

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