Good Samaritans Rescue Abused Dog that was Left for Dead

This week, Wilmington residents and good friends Annie Coons and Liz Baldwin were walking at a local park and stumbled upon an urgent situation — an injured dog who appeared to be left for dead. The good Samaritans acted quickly, picking up the dog, wrapping her in a blanket, and bringing the dog to their car. They then called their friends at Delaware Humane Association and Faithful Friends Animal Society to get help for the dog.
They learned that there is a new partner in Delaware, the Chester County SPCA, who holds the Wilmington animal control and sheltering contract and is responsible for the care of injured and stray pets. Worried about getting the dog immediate medical attention, the women decided to go directly to a local emergency hospital where CCSPCA met them to start an investigation and take control of the dog’s care.
40f6759f-ce0b-4037-b91c-4c24ebbc0cd4“When my friend, Liz Baldwin, and I saw this poor animal lying there, clearly suffering, my heart just broke,” said Annie Coons, wife of U.S. Senator Chris Coons. “As an animal lover, I immediately went into protective mode, placing her in a crate that Liz had in her warm car and contacting the proper organizations that could provide the medical attention she needed. It was clear she had been left overnight. Thanks to the Delaware Humane Association, Chester County SPCA and Faithful Friends for springing into action and working to ensure she gets on the road to good health.”
When asked about the dog’s prognosis and future, Chester County SPCA Director Adam Lamb reports that the dog, now named Athena, is doing well after receiving sub-q fluids, pain medication and antibiotics. Athena is eating, drinking and in good spirits.
safe_image-2.php“In rescuing stray and injured animals, officers rely heavily on shelter partners to ensure animals receive a second chance. We are very lucky to work with organizations that provide care and respect to animals with all types of needs, including serious medical needs,” says Hetti Brown, Executive Director of the Office of Animal Welfare. “Collaboration between the Chester County SPCA, Faithful Friends Animal Society, and Delaware Humane Association saved this animal’s life and highlights what can be accomplished by working together.”
The Directors of each shelter report how important funding is to provide emergency and critical medical care when animals arrive in serious condition. At the encouragement of Annie Coons, a fundraising page has been set up to help Athena receive the medical care she needs for a full recovery. Anything raised beyond her needs will help all three shelters that have other animals in need every week throughout the year. To donate go to
Story contributed to Town Square Delaware by Faithful Friends Animal Society

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