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Greetings Education Followers!


DE PTA is excited to report that we have been awarded a grant to educate our parents on Common Core Standards. This grant awarded by the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation through National PTA will allow PTA leaders in Delaware to educate our parents on all aspects of Common Core Standards.


It will be our task to inform the parents on what this means to their children and most importantly how to advocate on behalf of their child. It is important that we all understand that Delaware is aligned to the common core standards and that it is required that all curriculum in the classroom is as well. Delaware PTA sees their role as advocates for children.


First and foremost we are here for all children in Delaware by educating the parents on what to expect from these standards and how it will affect the learning in the classroom. We are not experts on this subject but we are so fortunate that DE PTA has partnered with the Governor Jack Markell, Lt Governor Matthew Denn, Senator Sokola and the Department of Education to be sure the training for parents is well communicated and well received.


DE PTA wants to be a resource for our parents in any way we can. The idea behind Common Core Standards is very simple. If all our children are learning with the same standards then when and if they move to a new school, a new school district or a new state, they are all on the same page. When our children leave elementary school they often go on to different middle schools. Educators have enough challenges in the classroom reeducating the students the basics should not be one of them.
De PTA supports common core standards. We are proud to be apart of this wave to reach out to all parents and be sure our children are all getting the equitable education they all deserve.


We look forward to working with all stakeholders to make this happen!


Yvonne Johnson is the President of the Delaware  Parent-Teacher Association. 

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