Palm Reading: Not Just for Hippies and Weirdos


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I am not a witch. That might be the only thing Christine O’Donnell and I have in common.

But, I have always been drawn to things like horoscopes, palm readings, and psychics.  It probably stems back to grade school, when I got my palms read on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. And, more recently, watching some of my favorite Real Housewives of Beverly Hills …who not only seek out their own shrinks, but also psychics (do you think that’s covered under the new ObamaCare?).  And who could forget the classic Seinfeld when George’s palm reader predicts trouble on his upcoming trip.

So, imagine my excitement when, as I wandered home last Friday night after dinner with my good friend Erin, the Psychic and Palm Reader located above Catherine Rooney’s had set up shop outside of her office in attempt to lore suckers like me.

“Can I interest you in a palm reading?” My friend waved her off but I couldn’t resist.  It was ten dollars — a small price to pay for insight into the unknown.

What the Reading was Like

Half skeptical, half excited, I sat down and held out my hand, eagerly awaiting her “read” on my energy, health, love life, future – all things, I’ve learned, that are usually included in a good reading.  I told her nothing about myself as not to tip my hat.

Psychic Patricia was her name. She asked me to close my eyes and think of two wishes. She was clearly a strong-willed woman, with a heavy Eastern European accent — commanding my attention.  So I did what she said and made the wishes.

After exchanging pleasantries, we quickly got down to business, and she began telling me about my present self.  After each “read”, I did a mental fact check:

I am an old soul, that likes old cars and old things.

True, I guess.


I work in the medical profession and help people.

Well I’m deathly afraid of needles, but this is loosely true as I handle communications for a health care nonprofit.


I am unique, smart and extremely giving.

Obviously, true.


I’m sensitive to negativity.

True, so be nice in the comment section.


Then she moved on to the future:


I would marry once, and only once.  That it would be a long engagement to someone from another country who is popular and well-liked.

My boyfriend’s from Dover, does that count?


I will have three children, two girls and one boy.

Good God, wish me luck.


I will live into my 80s.



Finally, the doozey: I would own my own business having to do with my hands – either landscaping, something outdoors or something involving hard labor.

Could this mean P.J. Fitzpatrick Inc, my family’s home improvement company?


Learning About Palm Readers


Intrigued by my reading, seemingly reasonable, I stopped back by her studio in an attempt to learn more about this misunderstood art, and to learn how one becomes a palm reader.  Apparently, the unusual ability to read people’s energies is typically inherited, and Psychic Patricia soon learned that she and her mother shared the same skill.  There is not school or formal training however most palm readers read and study to get better over time.

“I knew when I was 12, I would go to the grocery store with my Mom and feel things about people,” shared Patricia. “I would know whether someone was happy that they got a new job, or sad because they just had a divorce.”

She sees anywhere from “5 to 35” clients a week and has tons of regulars. How does she know if it’s a good reading?  It’s simple, if the things that she said about present day are correct.

She gets clients through flyers, word of mouth, and setting up tables in trolley square. Her website is

She noted how open Wilmingtonians are to the readings. “Oh my god, are people open-minded in Trolley Square!” She exclaimed.

Perhaps that has something to do with her proximity to free-flowing libations.

Well the verdict is out on whether or not she is accurate about my future, but I’d say overall it was a entertaining experience. Check her out one weekend this summer if you and you’re friends are looking for something to do. I’d love to hear how your reading goes!


PS – In the end Erin was not too embarrassed, she’s still my friend… I think


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