What You Need to Know About the Rte. 141 Construction

141 South is a single lane between the Tyler McConnell bridge and Route 48

The roadwork bedeviling drivers along Rte. 141 (Centre Road) through Greenville is causing headaches and serious rush hour traffic backups. 

The busy thoroughfare is down to one lane from Lancaster Pike to the Tyler McConnell Bridge, and inquiring TSD readers have asked for more details about the DelDOT project and its expected date of completion.  Some residents have been confused and frustrated to find that left turns from Barley Mill Road to 141 are not possible during the work.

To answer these and other questions, DelDOT has furnished a comprehensive Q&A on the construction, which follows below.  One key takeaway is that traffic will flow in both lanes on 141 from the end of December to March of 2018, but the road will again be restricted to single lanes in each direction until the end of November, 2018, with intermittent single lanes through project completion in the spring of 2019.

Q. What is the overall purpose of the project?

The purpose of the project is to fully reconstruct the roadway pavement of Centre Road –SR141 from north of Lancaster Pike SR48/SR100 to just south of Montchanin Road. The roughly 30-year-old concrete is failing and has been temporarily patched multiple times over the past several years. The ramps for the Centre Road and Kennett Pike – SR52 also will be reconstructed. In addition, the multi-use path along Centre Road will be reconstructed.

141 at entrance to Hagley

Q. What work is currently occurring?

Currently the contractor is working in the second phase of the contract. The contractor is reconstructing the medians and the drainage system along the median of Centre Road – SR141 to Montchanin Road. In addition, the contractor is constructing cross overs in the median of SR141 which will be utilized in future phases. The contractor is also performing work at the intersection of Montchanin Road and Centre Road. This work includes the removal of the center median island along Montchanin Road to provide a temporary left turn lane that will be utilized in future phases.

Q. When will the current phase be completed?

The current phase of work will be completed by the end of December.

Q. How long will Centre Road be kept to one lane in each direction?

Centre Road will remain one lane in each direction until the end of the current phase, end of December. Upon the completion of the current phase to March, Centre Road will be restored two lanes in each direction, with the possibility of intermittent lane closures. Centre Road will be taken back down to one lane in each direction from March 2018 to the end of November 2018. At the end of November 2018, Centre Road will be restored to two lanes in each direction. From November 2018 to the end of the project, the contractor will continue to work and temporary lane closures will be necessary at times.

Q. What is the reason for the closure of Barley Mill Road when no work is taking place at the intersection?

There are several benefits associated with the closure of Barley Mill Road. The first reason is to provide the contractor with a continuous work zone which should result in increased production and reduced overall duration of the project. There is an immediate time saving to the contract by the contractor not having to continually take down and set up the maintenance of traffic. Keeping the intersection closed, results in a safer work zone because the driver knows what to expect each day when they enter the work zone.

By eliminating the lefts in and out, it allows the signal to remain green except when a pedestrian is present. This eliminates an additional stop and as result, reduces the overall time motorist will be in the work zone. With the signal active, this location would experience a significant delay because of the reduced capacity at the intersection.


Q. Is Centre Road –SR141 being widening?

No, Centre Road will not be widened.

Q. Can more signal timing be given to the left turn from southbound Centre Road to Lancaster Pike – SR48 and eastbound 48 to northbound SR141?

DelDOT Traffic Management Center is continuing to monitor the intersection and adjust the signal timing to optimize the intersection. There is a camera located at the intersection that DelDOT can use to remotely monitor the intersection and the delays being experienced. Signal timing can only reduce the delay so much as not to severely impact north/south traffic on 141. Drivers should expect delays at this intersection throughout the course of the project.

Q. What is DelDOT’s plan to notify drivers of future phase and closures along SR141?

As part of the Traffic Management Plan for Centre Road- SR141, DelDOT will utilize the following methods to notify the public:

  • Press releases
  • Notifications to area legislators
  • DelDOT radio station WTMC, 1380 AM
  • Public radio stations.
  • Communication through the News Journal.
  • Portable Changeable Message Boards
  • CMS at key locations on SR 141 and major diversion routes
    • SR 141 and Lancaster Pike intersection
    • SR 141 and Montchanin Road intersection
    • Northbound I-95 prior SR 141
    • Southbound I-95 prior to US202
  • DelDOT web site (www.deldot.gov), including
    • Interactive Traffic Map
    • Streaming audio of WTMC
    • MyDelDOT email alerts
    • Live Traffic Cameras
  • DelDOT Smartphone Application (App)

Q. How long will Barley Mill Road be closed/restricted to rights-in and rights-out?

Barley Mill Road will remain as rights-in and rights-outs until the end of the current phase. Barley Mill Road will be reopened from January to March. Barley Mill Road will once again be restricted to right-ins and rights-out while the contractor is reconstructing northbound Centre Road, Phase 3. Barley Mill Road will remain closed at Centre Road while the contractor is reconstructing southbound Centre Road, Phase 4. Phase 3 and Phase 4 will last 245 days and is anticipated to begin in March 2018 and be completed in November 2018.

Q. When will the project be completed?

The entire project is expected to be completed by Spring 2019. From November 2018 until completion, the contractor will re-stabilize the medians and perform pedestrian improvements at the intersections of SR141/48 and SR141/100. We anticipate opening all lanes to traffic once again by the end of November, 2018.

Q. Will the landscape in the median of Centre Road and Montchanin Road be replaced?

Yes, the landscaping will be replaced by a separate contract upon the completion of the Centre Road Project.

Q. Who should I contact if I have an issue to report?

A traffic issue can be reported to the Transportation Management Center by calling #77.

Any issues related to the construction work should be reported to the Office of Community Relations, 302 – 760 – 2080.

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