“West End” Hosts Neighborhood Fundraiser

West End Neighborhood House doesn’t typically devote a lot of time on fundraising events, since they are busy providing financial services, housing, education and employment opportunities to thousands of Delawareans each year.

But on November 9th, West End hosted its second guest bartender event at 8th and Union Kitchen – in the same community where it has served those in need for generations. 

“It made sense for us to gather friends and supporters for a fantastic night of fellowship at 8th & Union because this is where we fulfill our mission, and of course we like to support neighboring businesses,” said WENH Executive Director Paul Calistro.

West End will use the proceeds form the fundraiser to support after school and athletic programs for youth. Calistro says the West End track team is ranked 4th in there country and yet struggles to find appropriate spaces for practices and transportation to compete at a national level. “We do whatever we can to take these kids as far as they can go, but we clearly don’t have the resources other teams have.”

Twenty-two friends served as guest bartenders between 5 and 9pm, including Vince Strano, Ryan Cecil, Walt Hurtt, Holly Smith, Beckie Barton, Andy DiSabatino, Chas Robino, Brian George, Jason Estes, Mark Cunningham, Robyn Levithan, Jen Lee, Christy Fleming, Allison Hohman, Paul Calistro, Alyssa Calistro (Paul’s daughter), Tizzy Lockman, Jim Miller, Josh Wheeler, Dan Nestor, Joe Trainor, and Kerry Kristine McElroy. Tips placed in the bright green West End buckets plus 10% of all food and beverage sales that night  were directed to West End Neighborhood House. Proceeds from the event are still being tallied.


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Christy Fleming

Christy Fleming

The managing editor of TownSquareDelaware.com, Christy Fleming also supports a variety of non-profit initiatives in Delaware. Her background includes positions in public relations, advertising and journalism.

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