Home-grown Star Aubrey Plaza Boosts Local Support for Puerto Rico

Superstar Aubrey Plaza paid a virtual visit to Wilmington last week following a private screening her her latest film “Ingrid Goes West.” The movie premier at Theatre N on October 19th was the brainchild of Plaza’s father David Plaza, who coordinated the Facebook interview and after party as a fundraiser for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. 

In an interview with 200 guests at Theatre N, the funny 33-year-old Wilmington native and Ursuline Academy graduate said in preparing for the movie about an individual with less-than-healthy social media behaviors, that she allowed herself to dabble in ‘social media stalking’ in her role as Ingrid. And while Plaza loves social media for a whole bunch of ‘global connector’ reasons, she also personally struggles with its pervasiveness and often negative implications. Social media as a double-edged sword was the concept behind Plaza’s film about an unstable stalker fan who becomes obsessed with a beautiful and ‘perfect’ Instagram influencer.

“I think on the whole, it’s created this kind of isolating culture where we are all kind of in our own bubble. And we’re all kind of being affected by this stream of constant imagery that is really not real.”

Plaza hopes the movie facilitates a dialogue about social media and its impact on young people. “I can’t imagine being a 13-year-old today and having to navigate Instagram and Facebook. It just seems kind of scary and toxic to me.” Plaza concedes that social media is not going away, and says that her film is not an indictment of social media. But she hopes viewers take the film’s messages on balance and consider Ingrid’s ‘journey of authenticity.’   

Following the movie, the fundraiser continued upstairs at The Mill, with a live band, incredible bites from Moveable Feast and an open bar. Many who saw the film thought Plaza’s performance was exceptional, including her proud dad. “I thought this was easily Aubrey’s best performance,” he said. According to Plaza, the event helped raise $30,000 to ‘help rebuild paradise’ in Puerto Rico.


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Christy Fleming

Christy Fleming

The managing editor of TownSquareDelaware.com, Christy Fleming also supports a variety of non-profit initiatives in Delaware. Her background includes positions in public relations, advertising and journalism.

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