Fresh Start Scholars Honored at “Rising Stars” Event

With a single-minded focus on delivering education to adult women as a foundation for success and a new path forward, the Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation hosted their annual “Rising Stars” fundraiser on September 28th.

More than 300 cocktail party guests visited the Delaware Contemporary to celebrate the strength and resilience of the scholars and the power that can be found through a fresh start.

Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long attended the event and said she was thrilled to help further the organization’s mission.

 “As an educator, I know how big of an impact education can have on someone’s life. Having a solid education sets the foundation for a career, financial stability and self-confidence.”

This year, scholarships totaling over $89,500 were awarded to 39 Delaware women—14 returning scholars and 25 new scholars. The scholars will be attending eight different colleges and universities in Delaware representing over 19 different majors in the fields of education, healthcare, humanities, social services and business.

In addition to the scholarships, women are provided with one-on-one mentoring. In these sessions, they are paired with current and past Board Members and past graduates.

Photos by Kathy Buckalew
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Christy Fleming

Christy Fleming

The managing editor of, Christy Fleming also supports a variety of non-profit initiatives in Delaware. Her background includes positions in public relations, advertising and journalism.

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