President Obama Visits Wilmington for Beau Biden Foundation

There were at least a thousand supporters at tonight’s Beau Biden Foundation fundraiser at Wilmington Country Club, but one of their number had a certain presence that comes with serving two terms as the most powerful person in the world. 

Former President Barack Obama happened to pop in on the annual golf and tennis charity outing, the most important event of the year for the organization devoted to protecting children from abuse.   The surprise guest was introduced by former Vice President Joe Biden, and the 44th president’s remarks were brief, but deeply personal.  

“I am here just to lend my voice and my support to a family I care deeply about,” said Obama.  “To honor a man that I thought the world of and to say thank all of you for supporting this wonderful cause.”

Obama went on to reflect on the importance of family and how quickly children grow up, joking that dropping his daughter Malia off at college “was a little bit like open heart surgery and I was proud I did not cry in front of her.” 

“It is a reminder that at the end of our lives the thing we will remember is the joys our children and our grandchildren — hopefully way later — holding their hand, swinging them on a swing, talking to them about what happened in school, simple stuff, but ultimately that’s what matters.  That’s what you are going to care about.  So it is proper and right that somebody as  thoughtful and genuine and strong as Beau made it one of his missions to make sure that every child had protection.”

Afterwards, former Vice President Biden tweeted his thanks to his former boss, sharing a video of President Obama’s comments, saying “Beau fought to protect the most vulnerable among us.  Thanks to my friend @barackobama for honoring his life’s work.”

Photos submitted by TSD readers.

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