Guest Bartender Fundraiser for Suiting Warriors

Suiting Warriors celebrated their 5th anniversary last week by inviting supporters to the BBC Tavern & Grill for drinks, comradeship and fun. With special guests Justin Perillo (former Green Bay Packers) and Chris McKinley (former US Navy Seal) the nonprofit organization enjoyed a terrific turnout on September 14th for their guest bartender fundraiser, which raised thousands for the organization. 

“This really was a celebration of the founding of our organization and a recognition of the many service men and women we have been able to serve over the last five years,” said Star Lotta, founder of Suiting Warriors. “All that we required was that everyone come with a friend who loves a good time!”

Suiting Warriors has already outfitted 4,000 transitioning service members since launching in 2012.

Guest bartender Brian Di Sabatino said Suiting Warriors helps vets in many ways. “America is at its best when the community takes care of its own,” he said. “Suiting Warriors is the quintessential example. Star and Chris didn’t waste a minute waiting for someone else to help our returning military make the adjustment to civilian life, they jumped right in. And the result has galvanized the community and bolstered the careers and well being of vets around the country. ”

Suiting Warriors, headquartered in Delaware, fills an important need to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, Veterans, and their spouses.  The organization first started as a business offering new and free business attire to honorably, medically, and generally discharged armed services. They now offer SuitUp pop-up suit gifting events around the country as they help the former military personnel and their spouses compete in the civilian workforce.

Services they provide have grown to meet the growing demand for transition assistance into the workforce. Suiting Warriors now also connects Veterans to resource outlets for career building, continuing education and entrepreneurship training.

Di Sabatino: “It’s always great to gather with friends and family to support Suiting Warriors. Our veterans need us now more than they ever have!”

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