Wilmington Group Accepting Hurricane Donations

This is a partial list of supplies that can be donated

A local Facebook group called MomsAdvice has taken up the effort to bring sorely needed supplies from the greater Wilmington area down to Houston, where tens of thousands are seeking relief from Hurricane Harvey, and they are still taking donations. 

Supplies, new clothing and non-perishable food items (please refer to approved list below) can be dropped off at 21 York Road in the Deerhurst neighborhood of North Wilmington until Noon on Saturday, 9/9.

The group has rented a 54′ trailer that will depart Wilmington at Noon on Saturday, swing through Downington, and then make its way to Texas.

A list of items that are approved and accepted by the distribution center in TX can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-NBiL7H3LJVSv5CgdrtS5rw1V19OpDbW6wA2lh2Jvns/edit

“It’s great to see so much community action,” said organizer Erica Griffiths, who said local moms groups have been participating and dropping off items all week.


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