Hollywood Invades Delaware’s Teen Summit

Wilmington’s next generation of young leaders held their own Delaware Teen Summit this month, addressing issues that affect today’s teens and taking aim at perceptions about body image, the negative effects of peer pressure and the threat of drug and alcohol abuse.  The prevention-themed weekend was filled with as many fun and uplifting activities as serious ones, and the hundreds of teens who participated remarked that many made new friends and all learned a lot.

Billed as a Hollywood InvadesDelaware weekend, the Teem Summit kicked off on August 4th at the Playhouse on Rodney Square with the an annual favorite — Delaware Teen Idol, a talent show with dozens of participants, a strict and constructive panel of judges, and loads of entertainment.  The show concluded with a huge turnout at a celebrity basketball game at the University of Delaware’s Bob Carpenter Center hosted by Duffy’s Hope.

On Saturday the 10th annual Teen Summit got down to some serious business at the Chase Center on the Riverfront. Hosted by the Delaware Prevention Coalition, the Teen Summit included workshops and activities that were planned and organized by the youth themselves. More than 400 teenagers, parents and volunteers engaged in educational workshops on identifying mental health issues and resources, as well as activities that focused on the correlation between body image, peer pressure and drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The room buzzed with excitement as radio personality Angela Yee, who hosts the nationally syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club, and other celebrity guests arrived. Yes was the day’s main featured speaker, and the youth in attendance were captivated by her positive and inspiring message. Other speakers included Tammy Townsend, Christian Keyes, Bobb’e J. Thompson and Jackie Long.

The event was offered at no cost and open to youth ages 13 to 18 and their parents and was spearheaded by the Delaware Prevention Coalition, the West End Neighborhood House, and other youth-based non-profit organizations.

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