Eclipse Oglers Get Ready at Hockessin Library

With the Sun’s total eclipse taking place in a matter of hours, families readied for the experience by queuing up outside the Hockessin Library this morning to get their free viewing glasses. The library had 200 NASA-validated glasses on hand and distributed one per family starting at 10 am. By 10:30 most were gone.

“It’s been a real riot, this whole thing,” remarked Sue Rekart, manager of the Hockessin Library. “Over the weekend, we’ve been getting a call a minute asking whether we had glasses. It’s a once in a lifetime event for some people, and so we’ve really been embracing this event.”

The American Library Association works closely with NASA to provide free programs for the public, and the Hockessin Library has hosted several family events leading up to the 2017 eclipse. Today they had a variety of activities, including craft and coloring stations and activities teaching kids how they can safely watch the solar eclipse. 

“We are all exctied to have all of these people come to our library today, maybe some people for the first time. We hope some wander around the building and of course that they come back,” said Rekert.

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